Meet Our Team

Pathways has guided and assisted many families who are on the same journey as you. We wish to work with you together to enrich your loved one’s life. Meet the people who are ready to serve you and your family.

Pathways Memory Care | Todd

Todd Werthman

Executive Director

Todd has been in senior living for over 27 years. He has been the Executive Director of a few independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Todd has also been licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator for the last 27 years. He loves working for the residents and ensuring they are given the best life possible in their new home. Todd was very close to his grandparents. Two of them went through Alzheimer’s/dementia and he saw first-hand its devastating impact. He learned so much about their lives and respects what they went through in the Great Depression to give his parents a better life. He can think of no better way to honor them than by giving seniors a better life in their new home at Pathways Memory Care. Todd’s favorite part of working in the community is seeing the residents and associates smile every day. He lives by the saying to enjoy what you do every day because life is too short!

Pathways Memory Care | Sandra

Sandra McCooks

Memory Care Director

Sandra worked as a medication aide for 10 years. Then, over the next 27 years she was promoted to Assisted Living Manager, then Director of Assisted Living, and finally landed as the Memory Care Director at her previous community. She feels she is living her best life doing what she loves. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know the residents and their families. Sandra remains in touch with many of her previous residents; many call just to say hello.

Pathways Memory Care | Heather

Heather Wightman, RN

Health and Wellness Director

Heather works alongside our amazing partners to provide the best possible care to our residents. Prior to becoming a nurse, Heather was fortunate enough to stay at home raising her three children. She graduated nursing school the same year that her oldest son graduated high school. She has always had a special place in her heart for the elderly and has devoted her nursing career solely to caring for them. Heather believes that any time she can connect with one of her residents, they are both equally rewarded.

Pathways Memory Care | Max

Max Monroe

Sales & Marketing Director

Max is a warm and kind person, considerate of others’ feelings, and staying health conscious for herself and our residents. She loves reading, traveling, and socializing with others. She has one child, five grandchildren with the oldest in college and the next one considering the Air Force. The other three were recently accepted into a performance and arts school. She is working her second career with Pathways and loving it better than her first! When she has reached out to help a family find a safer home for their loved one and see the look of joy on their faces, they will tell her, “I did not think this could happen!”

Pathways Memory Care | Gary

Gary Harling

Maintenance Director

Gary loves his job as Maintenance Director and takes much pride in fixing and solving anything around the community. Working in an environment centered around helping others is what first drew Gary to our community. In his off time, he loves to go on cruises and auto races – he also loves having a good time with his family. Gary enjoys the projects that involve the opening of our new building and considers everyone who lives and works here as a second family.

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